About Clubfoot

Clubfoot is congenital deformity that is a leading cause of locomotion disability, with a prevalence of 1 out of 750 live births annually. Approximately1,813,000 children are born with clubfoot worldwide, 80% of these are in developing countries whereas 40,000 cases are found in Sub-Saharan Africa(22%).

While Tanzania has no known data on how many children with clubfoot it harbors, using international incidence rates and population and birth rates in Tanzania, we estimate that each year between 2,200 and 3,000 children are born in Tanzania with clubfoot.


It’s uncertain about the real cause of clubfoot. However its thought that is caused by a genetic and environmental factors. Children born in the in families with a history of clubfeet are at higher risk.


Clubfoot can range from mild to severe, but typically has the same general appearance. The foot is turned inward and there is often a deep crease on the bottom of the foot.


The objective for treatment is to enable the deformed feet straightened to enable standing and walking with the sole of the foot flat on the ground possible and without pain.

Nonsurgical Treatment is advisable as the first option regardless of how severe the deformity is

Ponseti method is the most widely used technique throughout the world, The method use gentle stretching and casting to gradually correct the deformity.

Treatment should ideally begin shortly after birth, but older kids can be successfully treated with the Ponseti method.