TCCO offers training to clinicians willing to attend clubfoot children in their centers.We train them on Ponseti method as its our golden standard treatment.

training-2We are still in the process of finding the best approach in training but we have been conducting theory sessions followed by practice on models and finally on real patients. So far it has been successful as in most cases training are followed by support supervision where by we visit fresh trained clinicians in their respective centers to supervise their work and offer technical support for further improvement.

training-3It is our concern that most clinicians are not aware of the Ponseti method as it is not commonly taught in medical/paramedical schools .We are hoping in the future it will be incorporated in the curriculum so that every clinicians graduating has at least a basic knowledge on Clubfoot and Ponseti method. This will simplify the early case identification of cases and assurance of timely treatment to our patients regardless their location.