Members of The Organization

So far we have 28 members of the organization including the administration of the organization.

Who can become a Member?

Membership is open to persons,men and women without prejudice to race,colour or ethnic origin who fulfills the following criteria:

  1. A Tanzania Citizen aged 18 years and above;
  2. Who join in the application for registration;
  3. Who is of good character;
  4. Who is not discriminatory to any type of crime;
  5. Who is desirous of serving and using their knowledge for the betterment of the community;

The application for membership shall be made in writing through the Secretary and shall be disposed of by the Management Committee who may grant or refuse admission.

No membership fee is payable to the Organization

You can register online

Members List

1Francis MushumbusiBugando Medical Center, Mwanza+255 786 441797
2Mathias MahengeIringa Regional Referral Hospital,Iringa+255 764430557
3Geoffrey P. NgilishoSelian Hospital, Arusha+255 754826479
4Fulvio FranceschiCCBRT, Dar es salaam+255 754735720
5John SangaUsa River Rehabilitation Center, Arusha+255 765876732
6Paulina SamwelUsa River Rehabilitation Center, Arusha+255 753860168
7Esupat KimireiPlasterhouse, Arusha+255 767014487
8Goodluck PallangyoUsa River Rehabilitation Center, Arusha+255 684115124
9Grace AyooUsa River Rehabilitation Center, Arusha+255 753834749
10Lilian KimaroCCBRT - Moshi+255 765962371
11John LyimoMachame Hospital, Arusha+255 754467271
12Matthew J. ShayoKCMC - Moshi+255 713339498
13Victor MindeKCMC - Moshi+255 758064144
14Salim Seif AliMnaziMmoja Hospital+255 773888454
15Sabas V. KimarioCCBRT - Moshi+255 754365201
16NaelifwaMbiruCCBRT - Dar es salaam+255 754515980
17Phenias MashahuBugando Medical Center+255 754361303
18Egfrid MkobaKCMC - Moshi+255 876937575
19George KennedyShirati Hospital, Mara+255 787849224
20Mirjam TriebelUsa River Rehabilitation Center+255 789668362
21Leah MamseriMuhimbili Orthopedic Institute, Dar es Salaam+255 767431247
22Trine Boe HeimUsa River Rehabilitation Center, Arusha+255 684598822
23Jaclyn LekulePlaster House, Arusha+255 763076674
24Oliver NjogopaMinistry of Health+255 754617607